About Sol


As a child, I grew up on the beach. Running free, surfing and enjoying the sun, the water and collecting shells.
When I grew up I fell in love with travelling and exploring new destinations and cultures. I feel inspired by the colours, the smells and the amazing mysterious vibe of adventure when I travel to a place I have never been before. Different languages and different rules.
The first place I travelled to was Central America -- Costa Rica. I was searching for the perfect wave. I was always curious about surfing all the different surf spots, waves and beaches around the world, and Costa was the perfect place to start my journey and get to know my self. I was amazed by the warm and happy vibe, all the beautiful, smiling faces and the colours of nature and the food, and I knew that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.    
After surfing I love to go for walks on the beach. I love to feel the sand between my toes, listen to the waves and look for shells. I believe that every shell has a story and that everything has a reason. Looking around these magical, universal creations in my hands, I felt like the ocean is a part of who I am, and a way to express myself in what I believe in.
I started to make my own jewellery from the very things that I love the most. My passion for the waves, for surfing and the ocean. I feel that my creations represent my way of life.
“Sol” jewellery combines seashells and other natural materials such as crystals with a combination of high-quality Silver and Gold-Filled metals. My designs integrate the beauty and simplicity of shells and ocean elements with the grace of beauty of the finest metals. 
The shells and elements I use have been collected in my surfing trips around the world. Beautiful countries and cultures such as Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, New Zealand, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Fiji and Australia.
The name of the brand "Sol" comes from a combination of several things. Sol in Spanish means "sun" and my nickname among all my friends is Sun. Sol can also mean "music", which I have a great love for. It can also mean "soul" and my jewellery is made from my heart with love and soul.
Surfing certainly is the greatest love of mine. There is such an intense emotion when you take the wave, it just cannot be explained. Something in your heart fills up and you find a kind of inner peace, along with the excitement and a crazy adrenaline rush that only the ocean can give you. Take the wave and see a huge wall of turquoise water, it's the perfect happiness.
I hope you enjoy my unique jewellery.
Live * Love * Travel
Shir Efraim


How to measure your ring size? 

Click here for a ring sizing video 

All you need is a pair of scissors, a piece of thread and a ruler.
Wrap the thread around your finger, then mark and cut the spot where the thread meets.
Measure the length of the thread with your ruler. This will give you the circumference (C) of your ring size
Now you can choose your size from our ring sizing chart.
if you are still not sure about the right size, or your size doesn't show in our chart, you are more than welcome to contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.
To put in the belly button piercing, grasp the ring between the fingers and thumb on either side of the opening and pull one side of the ring toward you and the other side away from you. This will twist the metal to widen the opening for you to insert the jewellery. Do not pull the jewellery apart as this may put stress on the metal. You may use pliers if you cannot use your fingers. Put the jewellery into the hole and close the same way.
The ring is made of either Silver 925 or Gold-filled.
To maintain the cleanliness of the piercing, in the first week you should always wash your hands before handling, and clean 3 times a day in a saltwater solution (glass of water with three teaspoons of salt) and apply an antibiotic cream during the week. It is not recommended to enter a chlorine swimming pool within the first 10 days of changing the piercing. However, if you do, it is recommended to wash the area with soap in the shower afterwards. Seawater is good for the piercing.
You should avoid tight clothes that may snag the piercing. This may cause infection so please be careful. The warranty does not cover the jewellery in the event of infection or allergies of any kind. No responsibility for a loss.
If you have any questions or need some help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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